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What exactly is dommetry?

Dommetry (pronounced DOM-a-tree) is the art of sensually training a person to fulfill fantasies and desires without use of non-consensual force, unwanted pain or coercion.

This includes but is not limited to submissive partner training, obedience training, discipline, role play, bisexual training, squirt training, use of restraints/gags, bondage (leather, rope, handcuffs), spanking/flogging/paddling, anal training, “pet” training with or without collar & leash, pegging, humiliation/degradation, caging/chastity, orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, post-cum torture, smothering/face sitting, cuckold/cuckoldress, gloryhole, slapping/spitting, and soooo much more! We would never condone or engage in any non-consensual activity.

So what is a dommetrist then?

A dommetrist is person who practices dommetry. No, not just anyone can be a dommetrist.

How do I know if I need a dommetrist?

Anyone who has a partner who is not fulfilling all of his/her fantasies may benefit from a dommetrist. It’s time to train your partner!

A dommetrist may also provide you with new experiences, help you explore your sexual potential, and provide a safe comfortable atmosphere when engaging in play.

How can I contact a dommetrist to see if this service is right for me?

See our Contact Us page and just ask! All communications are free and confidential. PS – we never judge!

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