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Scarlette and Vincnezo… “Four is a Crowd” April 20, 2020

In an instant Vinny’s dick got hard and Scarlette’s pussy got wet.  Scarlette flashed Vinny a look of deviance, lust, and desire.  “Do you know what this means?”

Vinny glanced back a look of excitement above his devilish grin.  “Yes, my love.”

Scarlette looked at her phone, made a few swipes, and almost instantly received a match.  She felt a tingling in her clit as she typed, “Hey…are you a couple?” as the profile made it unclear whether the gorgeous woman played alone or with a friend.

“Yes, are you?” the response came almost immediately.  Scarlette quickly glanced at Vincenzo, knowing his thoughts about couple-swapping.  She was able to get her new play partner, Francesca, to agree to meet that evening.  She was going to bring her boyfriend Mateo for group play.  Francesca mentioned that she’d never played with more than one person at a time and Scarlette reassured her that she loved to fulfill fantasies and everyone would enjoy themselves.

Vinny looked over at Scarlette’s phone.  He looked at the pictures of Francesca.  She was a pretty brunette with wavy hair, small but firm breasts, and sexy underwear that showed just a hint of her beautiful ass.  Vinny couldn’t help but imagine pulling down her sexy underwear and seeing what was underneath; He was lost in his own daydream.  His cock started growing in his pants as he imagined what she would taste like when suddenly Scarlette flipped to pictures of Mateo.  He was older, larger, with a grey beard.  Scarlette appeared interested.  “So, are we doing this?”

“Of course,” said Vinny.  It seemed like days as they waited for the obligatory call of confirmation.  Vinny’s eyes lit up as Scarlette’s phone finally rang.  It was Francesca.  She sounded genuinely nervous but highly interested.  She said she and Mateo would arrive in an hour.

Quickly Vincenzo and Scarlette prepared for their arrival.  Scarlette put on her sexiest undergarment, a see-through black lacy piece of lingerie that snapped open at the crotch.  Vinny put on a tight shirt that showed off his tight pec muscles.  Just as they were almost finished preparing the house, Scarlette’s phone rang again.

Francesca and Mateo had arrived.  Vinny greeted them with a cheek kiss and a handshake, respectively.  He was not at all interested in Mateo.  He saw Francesca in her short brown skirt and was eager to get underneath it.  He could almost smell the delicious unfamiliar pussy he craved so much.  He showed them inside.

After exchanging greetings, Scarlette poured the drinks.  Vinny could not help starting at Francesca’s legs as she crossed and uncrossed them, hoping to get a peek up her skirt.  Mateo was courteous and practical with Vincenzo; Francesca and Scarlette were getting closer and closer to each other.  Finally, they kissed.

Vinny watched in awe as the sexy ladies kissed each other passionately.  He encouraged them to move to the bedroom and they complied.

Scarlette ordered Francesca to strip for her.  Francesca removed her dress revealing her black bra and panties.  She looked incredibly sexy. Both Vinny and Scarlette couldn’t wait any longer to fulfill their own desires.  Vinny helped Scarlette out of her dress.  As Francesca climbed onto Scarlette, both in their black lingerie, Vinny watched in admiration, rubbing Scarlette’s back.  He invited Mateo but Mateo preferred to observe from a distance, an apparent cuck.  This was not a problem for anyone as they were so focused on their own pleasures.

Scarlette and Francesca exchanged positions, with Scarlette now on top, dominating as she loves to do.  She pulled Francesca’s bra down, revealing her small breasts and tiny brown nipples.  She licked Francesca’s left nipple and let out a quiet moan.  Scarlette kissed down Francesca’s body to the top of her panties.  She wanted to taste Francesca badly.  She signaled Vinny to help and they both took Francesca’s panties off together, smiling at each other, each knowing what the other wanted without having to say a word.

Scarlette lowered her face in between Francesca’s legs.  Her own clit was throbbing with anticipation and she finally tasted the pussy she’d been longing for.  She felt her own juices flowing as she stuck her tongue inside Francesca.  Francesca could tell Scarlette was enjoying this and requested Vinny to lick Scarlette at the same time.

Vinny walked over and knelt down so his face would be perfectly situated between Scarlette’s legs, behind her, as she laid on top of Francesca on the bed.  He put his nose up to Scarlette’s asshole and inserted his tongue into her pussy.  She squirmed and moaned.  He licked down over Scarlette’s clit and she moaned even more as she grinded on his face.  Francesca started to approach her own climax and asked for another change in position.

Francesca laid Scarlette on her back, and Francesca moved into the X position, her clit rubbing against Scarlette’s.  This was a new sensation for Scarlette and she was beginning to enjoy it.  She yearned for Vinny’s cock and he greedily inserted it into Scarlette’s warm mouth.  He enjoyed watching Francesca approach orgasm as she grinded against Scarlette’s pussy while having his own cock inside Scarlette’s mouth.  Just as all 3 were getting close to their orgasm, Francesca looked up.  “Where’s Mateo?”

Mateo was in the other room, peeked his head in, and announced, “I’m sorry but we have to go…family emergency.”
“Can I stay?” asked Francesca.  Mateo’s face gave her the answer.  She was sexually frustrated and annoyed but she quickly put her clothes on and left with Mateo.

Scarlette and Vinny looked at each other in exasperation.  They were silent, minds racing, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Scarlette and Vinny eventually fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. 

The next morning Vinny woke up early, with a raging hard-on.  He looked over at Scarlette, stroked his cock, and placed it up against her pussy.  Scarlette moaned as he worked his cock inside her tight pussy even though she was only half awake.  He pumped in and out of her, loving her tight pussy around his hard cock, and quickly felt his orgasm approaching.  He grabbed Scarlette’s ass and pushed his cock deep inside her as he moaned loudly, finally getting his release.  He held Scarlette’s ass cheeks open as he loved to do, admiring her pussy as it leaked out his cum.  He rolled over onto his back, finally satisfied.

Scarlette and Vincenzo……. “Meeting Remembrance” April 16, 2020

As I was sitting at my desk, nervously looking at my phone to hear a response from Vincenzo, hoping my unadulterated act previously hadn’t tainted our affair, I couldn’t help daydream about the day we met.

I thought I was only a Domme. I had countless submissive men that fell into my grasp. Locking up small and undesirable cocks in hardened steel, chaining and binding their bodies so that they couldn’t touch my soft pale but freckled skin, and treating them as the useless men they were was mindlessly satisfying. But with one conversation and one chance meeting with Vincenzo, my cold desires turned into a future of fulfilling fantasies.
After two days of exchanging dually minded sexual secrets enhanced with deviance, I could not help but unravel the mystery of Vincenzo, I agreed to meet him.
The moment he walked through the door became ingrained in my memory. My heart began to race, breathing almost seemed like chore and I felt a new throbbing sensation between me and the lace panties that laid on my clit.
After a few customary introductory drinks, we left to find a new place, one more discreet, darker, and with places that could allow more than a touch of a hand. Within moments, we sat at an outdoor restaurant nestled on a sofa that encouraged close contact. Without anyone around us, he reached across me and grabbed a pillow, he lips grazing my cheek, and placed it over my lap. My eyes began to widen as I felt his fingers sliding up my dress and pushing my now wet panties to the side. In an instant, I closed my eyes as I began to orgasm as he pushed deeper inside me, taking special attention to my neglected GSpot. He continued to taunt me as I soaked his fingers. And with the whisper of “why are we not in a hotel room right now?”, I had a final orgasm before following him into what would be the first of many passionate nights.

*Ting*…. my phone beckoned at me while lost in my thoughts. It was Vincenzo with an urgent message.
“Get outside RIGHT now”. I did as commanded.

Scarlette and Vincenzo…… “The Beginning” April 10, 2020

“Did you sleep with him?” he asked with curious and almost jealous eyes. I quickly went through the previous nights events and recalled a tanned well built man leading me by the hand to his bedroom, hastily removing my clothes, almost sloppy, with no intention of satisfying me but just to get the chance to feel the warmth between my legs. The words “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” rang out into the less than charming bedroom as he released inside of me with an even lesser impressive performance. “Yes, I did” I replied. With that answer a wave of emotions raced through my mind. Although my moment of undesirable pleasure was partly revenge and left me with some guilt, it most significantly left me yearning for the touch and warmth of the man I truly wanted. I was coy in my response but as I looked into his eyes, I was reminded of the countless intense passionate moments that no other man could ever live up to. Vincenzo has a way of looking at me and making my panties begin to soak with just the anticipation of his throbbing cock inside me. One touch and my body begins to shiver, desperately waiting for him slide exploratory fingers in the spot that makes me moan and call out his name. His kiss forces me to fall into his protection and lose all inhibitions. Once inside me, I am taken to another plane, one that is free from the reality that awaits me outside the bedroom door. In those moments…. He owns my mind. He owns my body. He owns my soul. And this is where our epic love affair picks up…..

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